5 Great Reasons Why Online Marketing is Better than Print

Traditional Media is dead, long live print media!

Think your company can afford to skip online marketing? Think again. Internet marketing is essential for a successful business. There are many benefits to web marketing over traditional advertising, iPrescott Business Solutions brings you these 5 reasons why you should rethink your online marketing.

1. Mobility
The number of devices which allow us to connect to the Internet is growing every day. Nearly everywhere you turn people are tuning in and jumping on the technology bandwagon. No longer does a consumer have to sit in front of a computer to go online; instead they can browse the Internet from their cell phones and tablets. The beauty of online marketing is that it goes wherever the consumer goes unlike traditional modes of advertisement. When compared with mobile devices, print newspapers can be inconvenient to people who are constantly on the go.

2. A Global Reach
People have access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world today. By marketing your products and services online, your business can reach a global audience. In traditional advertising campaigns, your reach is limited to local populations. With online marketing, you are able to reach a wider audience and also market specifically towards your consumer base.

3. Measurable Outcomes
Online marketing offers measurable results. There are several different types of online marketing to choose from making it easy to pick the option that will best suit your business and advertising needs. In particular, search engine optimization (SEO) allows one to measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. SEO performance can be evaluated in four ways: listings, backlinks, rankings, and traffic.

4. Cost-Effectiveness
Marketing online is much cheaper than traditional advertising. The price of newspaper advertisements can often fill up a company’s entire marketing budget. For example, local newspapers where many ads may run at $1,000. No matter which newspaper your business’ ad runs in, it is important to note that decreasing circulation numbers throughout the United States. Online marketing plans offered through professional digital marketing companies can start at as little as $280 per month and has the potential to reach an unlimited number of consumers.

5. Targeted Audience
Traditional advertising campaigns are unable to offer precision marketing. Take, for example, mass mailings. If you mail fliers to local neighborhoods chances are only those individuals looking for your service will actually read the flier. Everyone else will toss it into the “junk” mail pile. This waste of resources adds up quickly. Online marketing is far more effective when you consider its ability to target a specific segment of the population. With advances in technology and the prevalence of the Internet in our everyday lives, can your company afford not to utilize online marketing techniques?

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