5 Reasons Why Online Marketing Matters

Online marketing matters more than most business owners realize…

Owning a business in Prescott has many unique hurtles to overcome. The demographics of the local population are unique; however this opens many business owners up to some costly misconceptions about how to market to the residents of “Everybody’s Hometown.”

Nationally the use of mobile devices accessing websites is about 38%. In the Prescott area our 2015 traffic reports show that that number is more than 31%...

Prescott area residents as online looking for services and products from local businesses!

At iPrescott Business Solutions we take a different approach to online marketing. We have found and tested several techniques that work at bringing visitors to your website and connecting with your business. Click here for a free online marketing review

Content is KEY: You should always have an engaging story to tell. Google bases their search engine placement off of two things: Authority and credibility. How does one achieve both of these? ...Content. If you publish a piece of content that is reliable, relevant and recent, Google will take notice and your can be seen in the top of search engine results.

Video is a very crucial element to marketing strategies: There are more videos uploaded to YouTube daily then there has been on the top three major broadcasting companies in the last five years. What does this mean? Viewers WANT to watch video. Video can reach people in a way text can not. Video attracts people faster and those people are more likely to finish a video than read a whole page of text.  Keep in mind though, video is an extension of your brand. So your must be cautious with the content you put in your videos.

The way People use digital devices is changing: We live in a multi-screen world. Smartphones, tablets, TV's, etc. People can access content through many avenues. Most people have some type of mobile device attached to their hip. The conversion process begins on mobile devices. If you are talking to someone about a certain service or product, you are likely to begin your research on your mobile device. That is why it is so crucial to be online with a mobile friendly website.

Your business has to be online and on social media: If you don't have a web presence, how do you expect potential customers to find you? If you are online, have great content, great reviews, etc., people will see you as a superior choice to your competitors. If you are taking the time to engage with customers and potential customers on social media to answer their questions, thank them, etc., you will build trust with them

Always give shoppers the opportunity to buy: Whether you have a service or a product to offer customers, it is important to always give them the opportunity to buy on your website. Having a call to action (CTA) at the bottom or side of the page is always a good idea because when they are ready to buy, they will know how and where they can do so.

Online marketing is necessary in today's world, and fortunately costs much less than traditional print, radio, and mail marketing. The best part of online marketing is that it is traceable… This means no more guessing how many people saw your ad, visited your website, or opened your mail.

We would like to help you get the most out of your website and online marketing. At iPrescott Business Solutions we use many techniques that get more qualified traffic to your website and connect with more people through social media.

For more information on how we can help, contact iPrescott Business Solutions for a free online review or call us today at 928-642-4048.





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