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It's not what you market... but how you market

Marketing is something that we all think about, and know is important.  However, the hardest part is deciding what steps to take and when.

Facebook is a great business tool which dominates the popularity contest as a key component of most content marketing strategies. However, it is many times incorrectly used for building the online marketing of your business.  iPrescott Business Solutions brings you these suggestions to help you get more from your social media marketing on Facebook.

Timing is everything:
Most of us have busy lives.  However, it is amazing how many Facebook users steal a look to their Facebook pages during the day.   Many people with families and children do not get a moment to look again until late at night after dinner or when the children are in bed.

Posting in the morning or after common dinner times will help to keep your posts from being buried in the feed. You should test this in your own industry.  However, for Business to Business most of the views happen during business hours.

Connecting on your page - not selling:
It is tempting to start blasting your services and special offers to all as a daily post.  We remind you how much you find these items annoying on your Facebook feeds!

Instead of causing followers to speed through their timeline bypassing your post try posting industry information that educates or provide examples to help increase results is better content.

Be more memorable... Sharing funny images that cause people to laugh or smile will help to connect with your audience.   A quick image search on Google for any topic within your industry and adding the word "meme" to the end will return many cute or funny images to share.  Clicking on the video tab will also give you some videos to share.

Gathering people from outside your bubble:
At iPrescott we hear many failed attempts at social media marketing on Facebook.  One thing that happens far too often is a company failing to link to their social media pages.  You must tell people to visit your page!

All print, radio, TV, and website related items should direct people to your Facebook account... "Like us on Facebook!"

Additionally, posting your business info and services to industry or local interest groups will help raise awareness of your business.  Adding a call to action link back to your website and including your phone number gives people the next step if interested.

Following these tips, you will notice the likes and shares increase!  Remember how many times you share or like valuable information or funny images. Facebook was created for this and if you manage your account correctly the results will be noticeable.


Be time wise! Unfortunately, many of us get sucked into looking for items to share on Facebook and lose large amounts of time. Starting with a plan will help to reduce this drain on your valuable time. Our suggestion is spending 30 minutes twice a week and scheduling your future posts will help to limit the lost productivity.

Lost all your time? 

Contact us at iPrescott Business Solutions and let your troubles wash away. We offer a comprehensive platform for online marketing, social media management, and web design. Let your business prosper, AND spend more time doing what you love. Call iPrescott at 928-642-4048, or visit us online at






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